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Grant Writing Specialist

Remote / Part-time
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Job Description

This is a volunteer position that will work directly with our Grants Director, supporting them in various weekly tasks such as looking for grant opportunities and helping them write polished proposals. Duties include researching deadlines, drafting grant requests and submitting reports for approval.

What you will do:

  • Study and understand the history, structure, objectives, programs and financial needs of the organization.
  • Research grant opportunities from government and non-government agencies.
  • Draft grant proposals and supporting documents based on the funding requirements of the organization.
  • Submit proposals to grant coordinators for approval.
  • Respond to internal and external queries on drafted and submitted proposals.
  • Maintain positive relationships with fund providers and other stakeholders.
  • Maintain records and submit reports related to grant opportunities.
  • Attend weekly company meetings if available.

This role might be a good fit if you have the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree in English, communications, creative writing or a related area (master’s degree preferred)
  • Some basic experience in grant writing
  • Excellent knowledge of proposal submission and fundraising process
  • Ability to study and understand programs and funding requirements of the organization
  • Strong research skills and knowledge of information sources
  • Multitasking, organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to handle confidential matters with utmost integrity
  • A passion for writing 
  • Approximately 10 hours a week to contribute

Why volunteer?

Brush up those skills!

If you have been out of the workforce for more than a year, you may feel a bit rusty and out of practice. Volunteering your time is a great way to recharge that skillset and build back your confidence in a supportive environment.

Full Flexibility

We get it. Our team is filled with busy moms juggling carpools, unexpected fire drills and job interviews. We all do as much as we can with the time we have, but if something comes up for one of us, the rest of us step in to cover.

Employment Consideration

Your hard work will not go unappreciated. The goal of the organization is to become a fully funded operation, complete with competitive salaries. Once paid positions become available, volunteers will be given priority consideration.

Fully Remote

Our Milk Money has been working with a remote staff for more than a decade. In fact, we believe self-employed moms invented the concept long before the pandemic. If you have a computer and decent internet, that's good enough for us.

Eliminate Resume Gaps

To be clear, we don't believe you should have to apologize for work gaps, nor do we suggest that you should try to cover them up. However, it couldn't hurt to add us to your resume. Besides, we've been known to write pretty good recommendation letters.

Mental Stability

Situational depression is a normal response to being unemployed long-term.  Submitting to countless online applications without any human response can be downright debilitating. A good way to remember your value is to do something that is seen and appreciated by others.