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Moms & Dads have redefined the small business world and used it to build a better future for their families. You can make a conscious decision to support your community's economy by purchasing their products & services. Win-win.

The Original Mission Statement:

Our Milk Money is a national search directory that lists ONLY self-employed parents. We are also a community resource dedicated to helping parents who want to stay at home find financial opportunities and support.

Our institutional ethos is built around a common goal to provide for our children. In this society, the average family is faced with a challenge to provide for their families with no less than two incomes, and are sacrificing their commitment to raising their own children. As a result, many parents are forced to give the people they work for more of a commitment than they are able to give their children.

We envision a situation in which we are able to reinvent ourselves as parents and entrepreneurs, and where we are able to adequately embrace our family values and support one another by working towards a lasting solution. Our rationale is based on a concept that brings the community of self-employed parents together: by purchasing only each other’s products and services and by promoting our unity as an organization. We wish to see a vibrant change in the choices we make as consumers, to appreciate the VALUE of what we purchase, and to support the parents who have chosen  to earn alternative revenue for their family by working for themselves.

The Our MilkMoney search directory began with an idea based on one mom’s personal experience.

As not to deprive her children of her daily presence, founder Ally Loprete searched for a solution that would allow her to replace her corporate salary working from home. Thanks to the digital space and the ability to work remotely, the opportunity for this ambition grows each year. By uniting with other parents who felt the same way, and utilizing our powers as consumers TOGETHER,  Ally was able to create more opportunities for the Our Milk Money community as parents and as entrepreneurs. 

As she began to explore these visions and shape them into a solution, Ally began to conduct research experiments. Curious how many others were experiencing a similar situation, Ally gathered data, reaching out to parents across the country to assess whether or not there was a real need for what she wanted to put into motion. The response was astounding. Hundreds of letters from self-employed parents came flooding in from across the country asking how to get involved, where to sign up, and what could be done to ensure OurMilkMoney’s success. Ally was overwrought not only with the enormity of the responses, but the blatant urgency that came with each inquiry.  Discovering how others desperately needed to believe in this prototype, the idea of a parent-owned business gave them a new perspective of hope. Sharing with her their own personal struggles, it was clear what the success of OurMilkMoney would mean for a multitude of families.

“I knew that Our Milk Money needed to succeed, and I have known it every day since.”

– Ally Loprete, Founder of The Our Milk Money Business Directory

Objective #1: Our Milk Money is a tool to help parent business owners find financial opportunities and support. We provide programs, resources and a space to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who want more for their children.

Objective #2: Our Milk Money educates the average consumer on the value of purchasing from a self-employed parent. We also provide the consumer with a simple way of accessing products and services offered by parents and caretakers in their community.

Objective #3: Our Milk Money aims to empower and collaborate with parent entrepreneurs. We set a good example by purchasing from one another as often as possible, which then enhances and elevates the small business economy. By making a commitment to one another, our businesses thrive and so do our children. 





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