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If you are a parent who has a product or a service to offer as a way to earn extra revenue, there is simply no excuse for not being listed in the Our Milk Money business directory.

Our Milk Money is still the largest parent-owned business directory in the world, and it was created by a mom just like you.  Besides being a free service (thank you for donating!) it has been a proven way to network with other parent entrepreneurs for over a decade. (Move over, Linkedin!)

Therefore, the benefits of listing a business or two, or three, is available to anyone who fit the criteria of “self-employed” parent with an approved online application form.

People ask me all the time, it seems in disbelief, “What’s the catch?”  The answer is simple.  I realized that the fee itself to join our effective mission and all of its potential was far less valuable than the involvement and enthusiasm of the members themselves.

It quickly became apparent that when you erase the complications of money and fees, parents and business enthusiasts congregate with sincerity and passion rather than skepticism.  The moment we made our decision to provide benefits free of charge, the directory grew more than 1600% within 5 weeks!  The excitement spread like a contagious wildfire.  How can you make the most of your membership of Our Milk Money?  Start by joining.

Create a profile. Tell others where to find you. Connect with other parents and shop their businesses. Remind them to return the favor (wink, wink). Oh, and you can always be a business blog contributor, or request a spotlight on your business… or just YOU.

Ally Loprete
Author: Ally Loprete

A known advocate for parents ever since she became one herself, Ally Loprete founded Our Milk Money, which began as the largest online search directory for parents in the world. Later she transformed the company into a non-profit organization to help women, parents and caregivers transition back into the workforce without the struggle of gendered ageism or work gaps. Nationally recognized as the radio show host of THIS LITTLE PARENT STAYED HOME on iHeart America’s Talk Radio and the host of a television show by the same name, Ally continued to broadcast on both radio and television, with shows like DRAMATIC IMPACT WITH ALLY and WAKE UP. Speaking to many women’s groups across the country with a concentration on family and career balance, Ally published her first book, YOU GOT THIS which earned her rave reviews among her peers. Ally still offers coaching to some select clients. To inquire, visit www.allyloprete.com. Ally lives with her husband and their two sons in the northern suburbs of Los Angeles, in a home filled with lots of laughter.