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Chances are high that we have all known someone who has tried their hand at a work-at-home business through a direct sales company. Perhaps they were even successful at their venture and turned a part-time position into a full-time career, going beyond just earning extra money to creating a substantial fortune in commissions, cars, jewelry and trips. So how do you know if this journey is right for you? Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring the pros and cons of the direct sales industry, uncovering some red flags to look out for and helping you to decide if this is the best route for you and your family.

Let’s start with a few of the pros and in my opinion, there are many. First, a business is a business whether it comes out of a box (direct sales) or you create it from scratch. The only differences include lots of time and money! A direct sales business typically has a low entry fee, no experience is required and training is provided. Reputable companies offer a great product at a great price which can be significantly lower than competitors because through this form of sales, many of the overhead costs have been reduced. An entrepreneurial person can work a direct sales business from home in their spare time with low or no quotas and could be making money their very first month in business!

Mona Colwell is a work at home mom with 15 years of direct sales experience. In addition to raising her three children and maintaining a leadership position with her organization, Mona has created a company for her almost famous husband, Emerson, and his children’s books.

OMM Andrew
Author: OMM Andrew