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Tip #8: Barter your services.

This is a great way to minimize those start-up costs that you were worried about. It’s also a great way to network, and get testimonials, not to mention gain experience in your chosen field.
Make up the Difference with Barter
Yep, the old age method of bartering is making a comeback…and its hot! For families that are looking for an alternative lifestyle to what they have now, leaving a corporate salary behind may seem like an impossible thing to recover, but its not. After you have taken a look at your monthly expenses, made all the obvious cuts in over spending and subtracted your lost salary as well as the cost of daycare, if you can aim for a $200-$500 deficit, its a great spot to be in.
Making up the difference in that financial gap is completely attainable through swap and trade. Bartering, or the exchange of goods and services without money, has become a more common solution as family budgets tighten. In an economic turn down, more people are open to the idea and even more are becoming advanced in the art of bartering. Swap piano lessons for a gym membership, Babysitting for help moving, tutoring for hemming. You don’t have to run your own business to have something valuable to offer, and because we are all capable of something, there is no limit to how much of ourselves we can offer, making us worth more than what we have in our bank accounts, with no limit.
Self -employed Parent Enthusiast Ally Loprete is the Founder of OurMilkMoney.com, a nationwide online business directory of self-employed parents,  and the host of This Little Parent Stayed Home, a live weekly radio show, which is part of the Her Insight Group on Toginet.com.  Ally is on a mission to help other’s deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of leaving a full time job to start a new business,  while running a full time household and raising kids. She is resolute about creating a haven in which parents across the nation will continue to thrive and obtain the support they need in their personal journeys.