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Selling is Not a Dirty Word

Selling is Not a Dirty Word

If you are like so many small business owners you may feel too emotionally close to your product to adequately sell it yourself. Selling ice to an eskimo is easy, but selling something you have created on your own may cause a hive break out- and here is why: Objections on your own products will feel more like a personal rejection than ever before… but it doesn’t have to.

Be a Solution Seller

If you want complete and total freedom, learning to sell graciously is the best skill you could ever posses. Solution Selling is about helping someone who knows less than you do come to a decision that they are not able to make on their own. It is also about receiving money, and money is a good thing because it helps you to give back to yourself, your business and your prospective clients.

But not everyone is going to be a candidate for your product.

This is KEY. 

Gone are the days that you do an actual sales pitch. No more ALWAYS BE CLOSING. It’s more like… ALWAYS BE PRE-QUALIFYING. In fact, you should be spending MOST of your time asking questions to a lead, and finding out what their needs are, or even if they have any at all. This is the process that will help you determine if you should spend some more time on this candidate, or if your time is better utilized elsewhere.

Practice is all it takes, and the more you do it the more you will discover your natural ability to help others learn what makes you an expert about your products and services.