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Who We Are

Ally Loprete, Founder and CEO, Host of This Little Parent Stayed Home Radio Show

Founder and CEO of Our Milk Money

Prior to becoming a self-employed parent herself, Ally spent the last ten years working in various roles in the entertainment industry. Ally is a stay-at-home mother of 2, a former television, theatre and film actress, singer, performer, storyteller, and teacher. An advocate of parents, Ally founded OurMilkMoney.com, the OMM BlogSpot and the Daddy’s Den in 2007 as a means to helping parents find financial opportunities and support. She is also the host of This Little Parent Stayed Home weekly radio show available on Toginet.com, and the playwright & performer for her one-woman show about the journey of dealing with unexpected drama in life, Chasing Ally.
Changing her permanent residence from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California in 1997, she continued her career as a performer in Theatre, Television and Film. She found success in many creative projects in Hollywood Theatre, as well as creating her own works such as “Chasing Ally” her successful one-woman show. She spent the last 5 years working at ABC studios on the Disney lot, and although her time there was rewarding and plentiful, it wasn’t until her son was born that she came to realize her primary function in her new life as a mother.
Currently Ally resides with her husband, Chris and her two little boys, Braden and Henry, in the beautiful suburbs of Stevenson Ranch, California, just north of Los Angeles. When she isn’t working on OMM, she is actively involved with playgroups, teaches musical theatre to children of all ages, and produces improvisation workshops for children of lower income families. Ally is also available for private support at This Little Parent Private Coaching.
Ally’s passion to help others transition from full time working parent to successful entrepreneur has grown from her own experiences. She is determined to help other’s deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting a new business while still running a household, and is resolute about creating a haven in which we can continue to thrive and support each other in our personal journeys.
Email: ally at ourmilkmoney dot com

Director of Communication, Blog Master

Julianne Alvarez-Wish, Director of Communications
A military wife, mother, business owner and writer, Julianne was born an entrepreneur.  At Villanova University she studied Operations Management specializing in Program and Project Management.  She worked at various oil refineries honing her skills and ultimately opened her own consulting firm.  She consulted on Environmental Restoration and defense projects including software development, phased array radars and tank development. She decided to take new direction in life when she became pregnant in 2000.  She opened her own corporation, Wish Enterprises, Inc., to fulfill her own wish of being able to stay home with her son while contributing to the family income.  With her husband’s full support, she developed and founded The Wish Place.  She recently bought Buy By Mom to continue to her mission of assisting parents who want to be successful in their businesses. Julianne writes articles for work at home parents on her blog associated with The Wish Place.  She also does reviews of products produced by moms and dads and features businesses run by moms and dads on her Buy By Mom blog. Julianne’s specialty is connecting people with great home business opportunities and providing unmatched one-on-one mentorship to those starting a home business.  Her passion, purpose and goal is to help parents work from home so they can be home with their children. Julianne resides in Colorado with her husband, two sons, dogs and cats.
Email: julianne dot wish at ourmilkmoney dot com

Mona Colwell, Director of Public Relations, Co-Host of This Little Parent Stayed Home Radio Show

Director of Media Relations

Mona is a stay-at-home mom with three young children, Emerson, III, Grace and Tabitha. She and her almost-famous husband, Emerson, Jr, have been together since they were 24 and married for over eleven years. Mona’s first career began as a financial analyst for a securities firm in NYC. After three years in corporate America, she started a side business with a direct sales organization to help her save money to go back to school for her MBA. Throughout the application process, Mona was having to answer some tough questions about her decision to pursue an MBA. When she thought about “Where do you see yourself in five years?” her answer was “At home raising my children and who is going to pay off my $60,000 in student loans?” She made a radical career choice in 1996 to leave her high paying job and pursue a full-time, 100% commission career with the direct sales organization. This decision enabled her to build a successful business of her own and be a stay-at-home mom since the day she brought their oldest child home from the hospital. Most recently, Mona created a publishing company, TINK INK Publishing, and helped her husband publish his first children’s book, “The Bay Gull.” Since December, 2009, she is a founding member of a new direct sales organization, Ava Anderson. She created The Professional Women’s Network Portfolio, which helps others to be strong, successful business people while personally living a balanced, purpose-filled lifestyle each day. She hopes that her daily choices can inspire others to trust in God and to live a life according to their dreams.
Email: mona dot colwell at ourmilkmoney dot com

Kelly St. Clair, Director of Membership, Producer of This Little Parent Stayed Home Radio Show

Director of Membership, Partnership Liason, Radio Show Producer

Kelly is a self-employed parent who worked in Corporate America before her position was eliminated and the company moved to Canada. After that, she spent some time going back to school and earned her degree in Organizational Leadership. She resides in Chandler, AZ with her husband and two daughters. They are a big support for her and her business.In her spare time she is a GirlScout leader and enjoys being a role model for the girls in her troop. “Being able to stay home and work a business at the same time is a dream come true.”
Email: kelly dot st dot clair at ourmilkmoney dot com