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Moms & Dads have redefined the small business world and used it to build a better future for their families. You can make a conscious decision to support your community's economy by purchasing their products & services. Win-win.

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Business Profile Instructions

Before putting in your application, please read through these instructions for an easy business profile creation.

You may also wish to visit our FAQs as they will answer any questions you may have, as well as give you the best experience possible. We know that filling out lengthy forms is NEVER fun, but unlike other automated sites, we are here to help you. 

We are pleased to announce that the new directory has many more features for small business owners than ever before. We’ve listed some suggestions to get you the most out of your free business listing.

Your new business profile can include:

✓ Links to social media

✓ Multiple photos

✓ Video clips

✓ Business location on a map

✓ Special offers or coupons

✓ Reviews and/or Testimonials

✓ Direct email and website links

Using the Map Feature

You are not required to use the map feature if you operate solely online. However, an address is mandatory to be a member. Those contact details will remain private and only for internal purposes.

If you would like to use the map feature, select “Set Address on Map” and your profile will automatically convert to map coordinates. You will also be able to drag the pin to a more precise location.

Made a mistake? Changing business locations? Adding new products?

No problem. You will be able to modify your business profile at any time.

Feeling stuck?

Support is just an email away: directory@ourmilkmoney.org