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What is the difference between OurMilkMoney.com and OurMilkMoney.org?

OurMilkMoney.com was founded in 2008 as a national search directory for self-employed parents and a community resource for parents who chose to stay home find financial opportunities and support. For over a decade, we have provided a space for networking, peer support, and the ability to purchase products and services from one another with a simple search.  As the young children they came home to care for matured and became more self-sufficient, many self-employed parents chose to return to the workforce with their newly acquired business skills. However, discriminations and biases programmed into application systems kept a large portion from successfully landing a job. With a new call to support moms and dads, it was clear that Our Milk Money needed to evolve. We relaunched in 2021 with a mission to advocate for women, parents and caregivers who struggled to find gainful employment.  Structurally, it made the most sense to transition Our Milk Money into non-profit status and begin a new chapter in employment services. 

Can I list my small business in the directory and also take advantage of your employment services?

Yes. You are free to take full advantage of all the services that Our Milk Money has to offer. Furthermore, having a business listed in our directory will not prevent you from getting the support you need in finding employment.

I have more than one business. How many can I list in the directory?

You may list multiple businesses on one account. There is no limit. However, we ask that you keep each listing up-to-date as we don’t want to frustrate consumers with broken links.

I really like your mission. What can I do to get involved?

In addition to being listed on our directory, the biggest contribution you can make is getting the word out. The success of our site is contingent upon having a diversified selection of goods and services available to the average consumer, as well as knowing how to find us. In a nutshell, the more businesses we have listed, the more consumers will benefit from using our site to do their online searches. We are doing our part to expose our mission and broadcast our service directory to the public, but nothing is as strong as word-of-mouth. Once listed, please tell your friends and family where they can find you, and encourage them to do their online shopping with OurMilkMoney.com.

Is there a fee?

No. When Our Milk Money was first launched in 2006,  we charged an annual membership fee of $25. However, over time we began to feel that this contradicted our mission to support the small business owner. Currently,  we rely on donations and volunteers to keep the site funded and the mission intact. If you would like to give a taxable donation, $25/ year remains the suggested amount. If you are unable to donate at this time, we hope that you will consider giving at a later date, or volunteering your time.  To learn more about the volunteer positions available, please visit our contribution page

I don’t see my town or city listed.

The application process will automatically populate each location. However, we rely heavily on our members to help us saturate more remote locations through word of mouth. If there are only a few businesses listed in your area, the value of the business directory in your community will decrease. Therefore it’s in your best interest to help build your location in our database. We will do our best to promote to all areas of the country, but it’s up to the members to grow the directory locally. If you would like to learn more about how you can grow the mission to better serve your community, or about becoming an ambassador of Our Milk Money, we’d love to hear from you. Furthermore, we will always be available to hear your ideas and suggestions. 

I don’t have a website, or even a company name. Can I still be listed?

Absolutely. As a service provider you have the ability to fill out a business listing by using just your name.  As long as you meet the qualifications of being a self-employed parent, you are eligible. 

I live in a small town. How can Our Milk Money work for me?

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a major city or a smaller city or a town. We’ve built this system to work for EVERYONE. It became clear to us after receiving so many applications from all corners of the world that we needed to build a system that would not exclude anyone. 

Do I have to have to be a parent to list my product or service?

Yes. The purpose of our site is to help businesses run by families with children. There are many other online sites that will help you with your business endeavors, but this one caters only to families, and family owned businesses.

How is the site funded?

Good question. (kidding) This organization is a labor of love, and so we do a lot of begging for money. In addition to that, we apply for government funding, corporate grants and have on-going fundraising campaigns. If you would like to contribute a small annual or one-time donation, please visit our Donation Page.

Why not just charge a fee for each business listing?

It was important to us that we encompass certain aspects in our site that provide an overall sense of trust and support. We originally charged an annual membership fee but decided it was working against our true integrity and desire to support parent entrepreneurs. Seeing the immense effort it took for self-employed parents to operate their businesses on little to no budget, while earning a fraction of what they would have earned if they never gave up their corporate income brought us to the realization that we wanted to take as little from that revenue as possible.  Because our site needs basic funds in order to simply stay operational, we are accepting donations from anyone who wishes to contribute. We are in the process of researching private funding and grants as well as affiliate programming and partnerships.  Because we are successful in attracting a good amount of traffic by consumers, potential members see the value in joining our community, and we believe our site will find the funds it needs to survive.

How can I donate to your cause?

  However, if you would like to donate to our cause, we have kept the suggested donation amount at $25 a year. Your donations help us keep the site maintained and growing with each expansion. Donate here–> If you are unable to afford this suggested donation, please do not let it deter you from being listed in our directory. We hold no judgements on what you may or may not be able to contribute, and we’d rather get your business listed in our directory to enhance the overall mission. However, many of our members contribute to the mission either with a monetary contribution, or as a volunteer. Learn about volunteering–>

Can I increase the visibility of my unique product and/or service in the directory by purchasing an ad for an additional cost?

We are working on creating upgraded memberships for more visibility in our directory. In the meantime, we offer several ways that can feature you and your business, such as member articles and monthly business spotlights. Contact us to learn more–>

As a member of Our Milk Money, what can I do to help the site remain successful?

We’re glad you asked! First, let other stay-at-home parents know what we are doing. Start with grabbing one of our banners and adding it to your site.

Since we do not accept large corporate advertising dollars, our membership fees are the only way we generate an income for the site maintenance and it’s promotion. Because each membership is free, we depend on the volume of our memberships to help us maintain a good working directory, as well is give us value in the numbers we receive to promote the directory to the public.

So– spread the word to ALL of your contacts, whether they are parents or not. Let them know that you are listed on OurMilkMoney.com along with many other fantastic products and services across the country and in their city. Encourage everyone to use our search to find what they need. If you would like us to supply you with promotional materials to hand out in your area or with your shipments, we will be happy to provide that for you. Please send an inquiry to marketing@ourmilkmoney.com

Finally, and most importantly, use OurMilkMoney.com to search for your own products and services, and make a conscious effort to make all of your purchases from a self-employed parent.  We can start by setting a good example and practice what we preach. If we commit to making a change, and are successful in that change, others will soon follow.

The basic principle is simple…

By purchasing goods and services you would normally buy, and choosing to purchase them from a parent who is running his or her own business, you are helping a mother or father raise their children! It’s a simple action that you can feel good about.We want to encourage consumers to make a conscious choice on what products they buy and the economy they’ll be supporting when they make their purchases — whether they may be every day needs, recurring, or for a special occasion. This is what Our Milk Money is all about.