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Work at Home Parents who are constantly on the go between their business and their families run more of a risk of “breaking down.”
A written schedule can help to keep you accountable to all your responsibilities, including yourself.

  1. Schedule work time for yourself that you know you can count on, such as while the kids are at school or during nap time, but remain flexible.
  2. Break tasks down into categories and dedicate 1 day of the week to each category.  Marketing and PR on Monday, Social Networking on Tuesday, Blogging on Wednesday, etc.
  3. Plan quality time with the kids each day.  Put those super multi-tasking skills to work!  Kid time and house chore time can go hand in hand.  Get creative and make a game out of the daily chores.
  4. Don’t forget to eat and sleep.  You may laugh, but these are often the first things to go for a busy Work at Home Parent.  The body needs food to stay nourished and sleep to stay refreshed, and both will contribute to more productivity and alertness.
  5. Wind down time: In addition to going to sleep at a decent hour, you must give yourself at least 1/2 hour of “wind down” time before bed.  Read a book or do a crossword puzzle.  But do not work.  Just like a computer, your mind needs to adequately shut down and reboot for the next day.

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