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As I watch the applications for new members roll in, I am pleased at what it will all mean for us at Our Milk Money. The bigger our directory, the more often consumers will find our site to be a valuable search engine for the products and services that they are seeking.

But lately, I find myself awake at night with a single concern: While we have so many wonderfully creative parents listed on our site, I am worried that we don’t have enough of the ordinary products and services that consumers will be searching for. I am constantly thinking in terms of how to bring consumers to the site. Once they are here, all of our creative mom businesses will be seen, but what if people don’t know to search for us? Then it dawned on me the simple answer. First of all, I’ve always made the statement that we need to set an example. We need to contribute to our own economy and make a commitment to purchase from each other. Then we need to trust that others will follow. Second, I realized that we already have just about everything we need in our database. There are so many members who are private consultants for a variety of different companies. Third, it’s the fathers that bring us the practical services that consumers are looking for. Therefore, we need to offer just as much support to our self-employed fathers.

If I am really going to practice what I preach, I need to make some changes myself. I’d like to list my OMM resolutions upon the launch of our site, and I hope you’ll join me in making some changes.

1. Instead of buying my favorite Estee Lauder makeup, I resolve to find similar (or perhaps better) products sold by a Mary Kay, Self Indulgence, Suzanne by Suzanne Sommers or Arbonne rep listed on Ourmilkmoney.com.
2. Instead of buying cleaning products at the grocery store, I will look into Shaklee and the enaturalshop for a less toxic cleaning line.
3. Instead of racking my brain for the next meal I plan for my family, I’ll be prepared with products from homemade gourmet, Pampered Chef and Taste of Home Entertaining
4. The next time I go to a baby shower, I will browse creative ideas from Campbell Cate, Posh Pampoose, and Sobebabies.

There are many more. I hope you’ll respond to this blog with other ideas that will keep our resolutions going. I know I am missing many more everyday purchases that are listed right here in our directory.

My hope is that when people find out our mission, that we are looking to offer every possible product and service, they will want to become a member as well. The following is what I would like to see more of, so if you have any connections to parents who provide the following, please send them our way. You can tell them that we have been asking for them personally!

Computer technicians
Grant writers
Dog Groomers
Car Washers
Massage Therapists
Baby Sitters
House Sitters
Mortgage Brokers
Real Estate Brokers
Credit Card Consolidators
Car Dealers
Home Designers
Pet Sitters
People with big houses and yards who are willing to rent out homes for birthday parties
Local Farmers selling fruits and vegetables
Soap, Shampoo, conditioner
Hair products such as gels and balms
Household items such as toilet paper, light bulbs and paper towels
Food for toddlers
Toys for kids, consignment, lightly used clothing
CDs and DVDs
cell phones/ phone service
internet service

Let’s focus on buying only from each other!!! What do you spend your money on? Can you be sure that a parent isn’t selling it to help support their family? It may be hard in the beginning. We are all used to our ways. We know the products we like and we are used to going to the appropriate store to buy them. Making a change is hard. But wouldn’t you want to know that others decided to make a change to support you and the products you sell? So, imagine yourself buying the same things you normally would buy, but supporting other parents, just like you, who are in love with their kids and care more about giving them a good life than anything. It’s something that we should all be able to relate to. Let’s make those changes right now. Some self-employed parent has the service or product you need. Let’s find them, and know that others will be finding you.

By Ally

OMM Andrew
Author: OMM Andrew