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Mom, I’m So Glad You Worked From Home

Mom, I’m So Glad You Worked From Home

by Judith Cassis

Many of us believe we have no choice but to work full time jobs for someone else. True for a few, but many of us do have a choice. Hold on – don’t let that statement ruffle your feathers. I didn’t say it would be easy, but whether for ourselves or someone else, working from home is doable. It’s a commitment we CAN make, even an inch at a time, when we step into our passion and make the right choices. We may have to give up a few things or put them off until later in life, but please take it from one who now looks back in gratitude for the choices I made when my children were young; I trust you’ll see it will have been worthwhile. All of it!

Recently, my 19 year old son came up and gave me a hug and said, “Mom, I’m so glad you worked from home when I was young.”

Wow. I didn’t think he would have the maturity to reflect on that until he had his own kids, if ever.

After I got over my shock, I asked him what he meant. He told me a few things I’ll never forget; things that warmed my heart. He said he was grateful our family was so close and that he felt comfortable talking to my husband and me about his life. I credit this in a big way to the time we all spent together running our family business from home.

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Judith Cassis,C.Ht. is a Personal Development Consultant with 26 years experience. Known as “The Bounce-Back Coach”, she works with people who are “bouncing back” from failure, loss or tragedy. Judith is co-owner of a small newspaper,Tidbits of Santa Clarita Valley, www.tidbitsscv.com a family business she and her husband, Lee Cadena run with their sons. Through a monthly teleseries, Mama Come Home, Judith supports mothers in staying home or returning home to raise their children.