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To become a successful affiliate marketer it is imperative that you have a content strategy and implementation plan. Content is what makes your blog or website attract visitors. It works in two ways. First, the keywords within the content help the search engines know where to find your article. Secondly, once the reader finds your blog or article via the search engines the content engages the reader.
Without dynamic content your blog or website is no better than a paper brochure which no one sees unless someone puts it in their hands.  There is no doubt that brochures are useful, but if no one sees it, then it’s worthless. This is what makes blogs and websites so exciting. Due to search engines, people can actually find you and your information as long as you regularly add quality, relevant, original, keyword-rich content to your blog and website. The problem is, without a plan, you can get overwhelmed.
Create a plan for your content. Consider what products you want to promote, as well as what type of information you want to provide to your readers. With each product you promote you can create several pieces of content. First, inform your readers about a problem they have. Then educate them about the solution to their problem. Next, give them a way learn more about the product or a way to purchase the product.
Ideas for content:
A discussion about a problem
A product review that solves the problem
A product overview that solves the problem
Case studies that show how the product solves the problem
The content can be in the form of print, audio, video or a combination of all three. Organize your publication calendar so that you update your blog and website with this content on a regular basis. Shoot for updating your website or blog three to five times a week with your original content.
Next, work on putting your content on other sites, blogs, and article marketing websites. You can do this via a blog tour, offering to blog on other people’s blogs in exchange for your byline. Another way is to send out press releases to online press release sites, and to put general articles on article marketing websites such as Ezine Articles. This strategy will provide relevant backlinks to your website and hopefully lead people to sign up for your email list, where you can market your affiliate products to them.

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